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From the Ground Up

Brenden Vaughan is the owner of Triple V & has been in this business for many years & is very knowledgeable in building you a quality building that you will be proud of. Create extra storage where you need it most with help from Triple V Pole Barns, LLC in Stilwell, Oklahoma. We offer the complete packaged building delivered & errected on your site.  Or we will ship a DIY kit to your site for you to construct or have constructed. When we are going to build your building, which we usually do, you will need to have your job site ready and leveled for us prior to the delivery of your building. Our contract will give all information as to what will be required of the customer prior to construction & upon completion.

Raising It Right

With our custom options for your building, we will save you money for a top quality finished building.  We offer options like walk-in doors, windows, cupolas and sliding doors. We will frame out an opening to your specifications for you to have roll up doors installed from your area, if that is your need. We specialize in the design and construction of quality buildings. Our buildings are built from lumber and then covered in either 26g or 29g steel siding. They may be insulated or uninsulated. All trusses are prefabbed & engineered to your areas requirements.

A Space for Everything

Whether you need a building for your business or for equipment storage or hay storage or that shop building you have always wanted, our buildings provide you with the perfect solution to your plan. Lately, we have been building buildings that the customer plans to finish out & live in. Perhaps they plan a home with a shop or a home with a business or a home with a horse barn, we are up for any plan.

Placing Your Order

At Triple V, we work hard to make your ordering and construction process easy. We will figure your building to your specifications & issue you a quote. Upon agreement of both Triple V & the customer, a price is quoted & that will be your final price. No changes can be made to the order, once your building is ordered. If you make changes prior to ordering of the building, the changes will be noted & the price adjusted. Also, there are areas that have extremely hard ground to dig in, as stated in our contract, we will dig 3' holes & if we encounter solid rock, the customer will be responsible for getting equipment to deal with this problem. Our team picks up your materials and delivers them directly to your site & we have an excellent crew then that will arrive & construct your building to our contracts specifications. We do not run cement, so that will be the customers responsibility once the building is finished. We offer a 1 year warranty on all materials & workmanship and our colored steel siding is warrantied for 40 years.

Call us today for a quote on your next building, we are waiting to hear from you.